Want to Find the Most Affordable Houses for Sale in St Albert? Here Are 3 Neighbourhoods to Consider

As I predicted, St. Albert is still enjoying that pandemic boom. 

After a slight slump over the summer months, our local real estate stats report that the average selling price of single family homes is the highest it’s been in a year at $485,869 – with homes spending an average of only 34 days on the market. 

Of course, I don’t think this should deter our first-time homebuyers or those looking to live in beautiful Alberta. In fact, I want to get granular with one of my favourite cities – St. Albert.  I’ve taken a look at the houses for sale in St. Albert and determined the top 5 neighbourhoods you should consider for your next home purchase. 

Top Neighbourhoods in St. Albert 

St. Albert is a marriage of tree-lined suburbs and a thriving metropolis. Not quite as bustling as Edmonton, but nothing to sniff at. It has a great blend of older homes and new builds along with absolutely every service and amenity you could want.

When analyzing houses for sale in St. Albert, it’s important to consider more than just the price tag and look at the community. St. Albert has lower crime rates, low unemployment, a robust schooling system, and plenty of recreational activities. I am focusing on older communities in this article as they really do showcase the best of St.Albert with the path systems, mature trees, and close proximity to commute to Edmonton. 


Let’s take a look at some neighbourhoods that stand out: 


Akinsdale: Nestled on the southeast side of St. Albert, Akinsdale has an average age of 35 and above. With plenty of single-family homes, townhomes, condos, and apartments for sale, this area is perfect for the working professional or budding family. 

Most properties in this area were built between the 1970s and 1980s. Home prices for this area currently range from $120,000 to $420,000 with a few higher ticket homes on occasion. 


Braeside: Located next to the Sturgeon River, Braeside is one of St. Albert’s oldest communities. Primary real estate consists of 1970s era single-family homes, which is another excellent choice for young families. This cozy, family-oriented 70s style has long been maintained and cherished for the space you have as well as yard sizes. 

Home prices in Braeside range from the high $150,000s to the 400,000s.


Grandin: Grandin is located in south St. Albert, and is one of the largest neighbourhoods in the city.  This neighbourhood is predominantly townhomes and single-family homes, sprinkled with schools, parks, trails, and a large commercial sector – Grandin is perfect for a larger family. 

Prices in Grandin range from $150,000+ for townhomes/ condos and usually up to $400,000 for single family homes. There are also some higher-priced huge homes in this community exceeding these prices.


Final Thoughts

Of course, this is just a small sampling of the many lovely communities in St. Albert.  I grew up there and know how each community is different and how they individually appeal to all types of buyers.

Remember to always consult with your REALTOR® about your lifestyle, budget, family life, and desires for community living. They will be knowledgeable about market trends and be able to provide you with budget-friendly listings for houses for sale in St. Albert.

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