Staging Tips for Selling Your Home During the Holidays


When selling your home, the right decor matters. Especially when selling during the holidays! 

If you are planning to show your home to prospective buyers during the holiday season, it’s important to stage your home in a way that attracts as many potential buyers as possible. 

Young couple in love assembled christmas tree

In this blog post, I outline some of my favourite staging tips for selling your home during the holidays! 




1. Keep it Traditional 

When staging your home for the holiday season, be sure to use traditional and neutral festive decor and colour schemes that will appeal to as many potential buyers as possible. 


This year, skip the bright, in-your-face holiday colours and instead, decorate with warm, deep reds and forest-like greens, with subtle hints of white, gold, and silver. 


Potential buyers are much more likely to connect with a home that feels warm and sophisticated than one that looks childish or playful. 


2. Don’t Over-Decorate

When showing your home to potential buyers during the holidays, over-decorating can make your home feel cluttered and can draw the eye away from the great features of your home. 


No one is going to notice your great, wood-burning fireplace if the entire mantle is filled with glitter, garland, and holiday figurines. 


Instead of setting up the entire Christmas village this year, bring a small sprinkle of holiday cheer into your home by using small, subtle decor and spacing out your decorations so that they don’t overpower the room. 


If you are setting up a Christmas tree, be sure that it is the right size for your space. If your tree is too big, it can end up making the room look much smaller than it actually is. 


3. Bring In the Warmth of the Holidays 

A great way to impress potential buyers during showings is to bring the warmth and coziness of the holidays into your home. 


Let your home be an escape from the snow by turning up your thermostat during showings. As soon as potential buyers step through your door, they will be greeted with the warm hug of your home. 


Another way to make your house feel like home is to bake some holiday treats like gingerbread cookies, roast chestnuts, or light a holiday scented candle during showings. The sweet smells of the holiday season are sure to spark joy for potential buyers. 


Do you need to sell your home during the holidays?

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