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Edmonton Real Estate

Edmonton Real Estate

Welcome To Edmonton- It has so much to offer!

Edmonton is a wonderful place to call home as it has so much to offer! Let’s explore some of the great features of this capital city. Located in the central part of Alberta, Edmonton offers all the perks of a large city as well as the pleasures of an active, outdoors lifestyle. Edmonton likes things big. Edmonton itself is one of the largest cities in North America.   It is home to West Edmonton Mall, stretching the equivalent of 48 blocks. If you have more stamina than that, Edmonton offers 275km of cycling paths and sidewalks to enjoy, as well as the largest river valley system in North America.   Due to the size and diversity of Edmonton, working with a Realtor who is knowledgeable about Edmonton’s history, communities, pricing differences, and the Edmonton real estate listings is important to finding you the perfect home in the best neighborhood.

About Edmonton

Edmonton can be impacted by fluctuations in the real estate market. These may be a result of the season/ weather, environment, economics and industry. It is important to have professional advice and experience on your team for real estate purchases and sales. Edmonton Area Real Estate Listings can range from a small plot of land in the outskirts of Leduc County to the executive penthouse in a high-rise condominium downtown. I can find the perfect fit for you or your family no matter your needs or location preference.

Looking for an up and coming neighbourhood?

I know which areas are starting to grow and change, and which ones are starting to slow down. Prefer something more established?…There are many communities that offer mature trees, access to amenities, close proximity to walking trails, larger homes and lots. Let me find those features that are truly a part of your dream home.

Edmonton Is Known For Our Festivals, Diversity, Incredible River Valley and Of Course the Oilers What to look for when choosing a home in Edmonton:

  1. The Location –

    A house can be updated much easier than relocated! Which is why the saying goes, “Location, Location, Location”! Let me help you find the best one for your lifestyle.

  2. The Site –

    Check out the lay of the land. What is the yard like? The view? Is there a back alley? Which direction does the sun rise and set? Take these points into consideration when looking at the orientation of the property.

  3. The Neighborhood –

    Th With new listings in Edmonton real estate happening every day it is easy to get drawn to the next new listing. By focusing on specific neighborhoods, your search will be much more enjoyable. Before even looking at homes, does the neighborhood feel safe to walk, run, or bike? Are children playing in the yards? Does it have the amenities you desire? How is the commute to work?

  4. Curb Appeal – First impressions are everything! Homes are no exception. A property that has been well kept outside is a good indicator of care and regular maintenance inside.
  5. The Size and the Floor Plan –

    While some love the idea of an open concept home, others may find it impractical. Think about how your home is used and if the size and layout will accommodate you for at least the next 4 years. After all, you can update the home to your preferences, but changing a layout/ floor plan can be difficult.

  6. The Bedrooms and Bathrooms –

    These rooms need to be functional, a good size for their purpose, and in the amount that you need. An extra bedroom is always a bonus because it can give you the flexibility to use it as a home office or guest room. Also a functional bathroom(s) make morning routines easier.

  7. The Kitchen –

    Known as the heart of the house, this is an area you will spend a lot of time in. Ever notice how at parties everyone tends to gravitate to the kitchen? Spend some time moving around, turning on taps, and opening cabinets. To see how you will actually cook in the kitchen, stand in front of the stove and move between it, the refrigerator, and the sink…this is also known as the usability triangle. Appliances can easily be replaced, cabinets painted, or a black splash added, but a full renovation may be more than you are willing to undertake. Spend some extra time in the kitchen to decide what your needs are and if the current kitchen fulfills them.

  8. The Closets and Storage –

    Older homes tend to have little closets but often a lot of storage space via linen or broom closets, storage rooms, and even cold rooms. Newer homes tend to have larger or walk-in closets, but not always a lot of storage space; it depends on the year built, builder, and floor plan. Take a look at what you are storing. Will you be bringing everything or decluttering before you move? Are you becoming empty nesters or have a growing family? These are important factors to consider.

  9. Other Features:

    Windows, Power, Internet Access, etc – Brightness and light are personal preferences. Larger windows will give you more views and will allow lots of sunlight and eyeballs into your living room. Smaller windows can provide more privacy and be easier to maintain, but can be dark. The direction of the house and windows also effects lighting. Do you have a lot of your power needs? Appliances, computers and teenagers? What about the quality and speed of the internet? These items may seem trivial in the searching but can become big issues once it is a part of daily life.

Why Work With an Agent?

With so many new listings on the Edmonton Real Estate market, hiring a professional Realtor CA Edmonton is not only one of the easiest ways to sell or buy a home, but it is the most cost effective and smartest choice for your busy life. There are many real estate business models a and even services available that will allow you to list and sell your home yourself. This is a personal choice. However, there are some things to consider when selling a home before making that decision.

The Risk of Buying or Listing a Home on Your Own

Using a FSBO (For Sale By Owner) or seller’s service can have its limitations. Being a FSBO does not provide the professional knowledge and experience an Edmonton Real Estate agent can. A lot of people believe that this can save them money, but in reality, a FSBO can actually sell for 6-10% less than other properties. A seller’s service does provide a templated platform that has been designed for use in any market. They are limited in their ability to provide knowledge and education on the additional regulations of selling real estate that certified Realtors must follow. These regulations are in place to ensure every property is sold according to Canadian real estate laws and that the parties involved are protected. Some offer varying service levels, but the cost is up front (whether you sell or not) and statistically, they sell for a smaller percentage of profit. A full service and experienced Realtor like myself understands the complexity and diversity of real estate transactions. No two transactions have been the same in my almost 11 year career where I have helped hundreds of clients. Without the assistance of a Realtor, you risk overpaying or purchasing a property that could have issues down the line. Buyers often overpay for homes when not using the service of a Realtor, or when they go to a builder as new builds may not be priced at market value, but at the builder price. Knowing what comparable homes are selling for is my job and I will ensure that you are getting a good price on a property no matter the area, style or age. I am not a home inspector, but I have attended hundreds of inspections and seen thousands of homes. While you are looking at the layout and finishings of the property, I am examining the features and using my expertise to point out items that may be of concern, or that may help us negotiate the price to cover their repair. I will also ensure that you feel comfortable with all terms (price, possession, etc), and can go over all of the paperwork with you.

What’s Involved?

The amount of energy, effort and time spent buying or selling a house can be extensive if you choose to do it on your own. You might risk losing money, purchasing the wrong kind of property for your needs, or leave important pieces out of the negotiation. A great Edmonton Realtor has the experience and education to help you make an informed financial decision and advise you during the entire process. Realtors across Alberta are required to be licensed and to enroll in continuing education and training. They are also required to adhere to a strict code of ethics. When you sell or buy a house in the Edmonton area, be sure to use a Real Estate expert who can protect, guide, and assist from start to finish.

Buying and Selling Without an Expert?

Selling a property without a Realtor may result in:

  • Longer time to sell your house
  • Time consuming because you have to clean and be home to show the property and there are often no shows
  • Unqualified buyers wasting your time or getting your hopes up
  • More lawsuits are happening because on nondisclosures
  • Can be more expensive in the long run (you are not actually saving the money on commission if you look at the facts and true costs of being a FSBO)
  • Requires negotiating with many different parties with no one looking after your best interests

Buying a Property Without a Realtor May Result in:

● BIGGEST POINT: over-paying for the property

  • Not knowing what comparable homes are valued at losing money in negotiations
  • No one looking after your best interests and making sure all facets of the transaction are being handled to run smoothly (from going through paperwork, coordinating home inspections, etc)
  • Ignoring or not seeing possible red flags about a property or deal
  • Not following important dates like condition removal or knowing how to coordinate possession

Why Work With A Professional Realtor CA Edmonton?

Purchasing or selling a home is one of the biggest things you will ever do in your life…do it right. Let the professionals take care of the heavy lifting by ensuring your home is priced well, presented, and marketed in the best way.

As a professional Realtor, Jeneen Marchant knows how to

  • Create an effective marketing strategy
  • Price your home to sell versus sitting on the market for a long period of time
  • Have a strategy in place for reductions and/or negotiations
  • Stage your home for maximum showings
  • Maximize Realtors exposure
  • Negotiate with your best interests in mind
  • Complete all the required paperwork on time
  • Protect your security and privacy Find Your Perfect Home in Edmonton Today! Enter your details below, and I’ll get started!

Hi, I’m Jeneen Marchant!

I’ve  been a life-long resident and fan of Edmonton. If you are looking to relocate to the Edmonton area or move within the city, Jeneen is ready to work with you and make that happen!

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