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Edmonton Real Estate

Welcome to Edmonton, there’s something for everyone!

Edmonton is a wonderful place to call home; it has so much to offer. From rich artistic and cultural activities to a robust economy, Edmonton is a wonderful city.

Let’s explore some of the great features of Alberta’s capital. Located in central Alberta, Edmonton offers all the perks of a large city as well as the pleasures of an active, outdoor-oriented lifestyle.

Edmonton is home to the iconic West Edmonton Mall which stretches the equivalent of 48 blocks. If you have more stamina than that, Edmonton offers 275 kilometres worth of cycling paths and sidewalks to enjoy, as well as the largest river valley system in North America.

Due to Edmonton’s size and diversity, working with a REALTOR® in Edmonton who is knowledgeable about Edmonton’s history, communities, pricing differences, and the Edmonton real estate listings will make all the difference when searching for your next home. 

Real Estate in Edmonton –

The real estate market in Edmonton is no stranger to fluctuation, although the pandemic boom is still going strong. However, this isn’t something to pin your hopes on. Ultimately, browsing Edmonton real estate listings with discernment, using a knowledgeable REALTOR® in Edmonton, and knowing just what you’re looking for is the path to homebuyer success.

However, Edmonton real estate listings can be quite the maze, ranging from small plots of land in the outskirts of Leduc County to executive penthouses in downtown condominiums. You can count on me to sift through the noise to find the perfect fit for you.

Looking for an up-and-coming neighborhood?

As an experienced REALTOR® in Edmonton, I have insider knowledge of which areas are starting to grow and change – and which ones are starting to slow down. Many communities offer beautiful scenery, access to amenities, close proximity to walking trails, large family homes, or accessible apartment living. 

I can identify the features to best suit your lifestyle and find the home that will work for you! Let’s examine the factors I take into consideration when finding the perfect home for my clients:

The Location –

Location is the fundamental factor when it comes to Edmonton real estate listings. Whether you’re a young family looking for a home close to the best schools or a working professional that needs the inspiration of city hubbub – I’ll find the right spot for you.

The Site –

Check out the lay of the land. What is the yard like? The view? Is there a back alley? Which direction does the sun rise and set? These are all critical lifestyle factors that influence lighting, recreation, and general home life.

The Neighborhood –

Hundreds of new listings pop up in Edmonton every day. It’s easy to get carried away into the mire, but by narrowing down your desired neighbourhoods, your search will be much more enjoyable. Before even looking at homes, I’ll be able to tell you if there’s trails to walk, run, or bike, if there’s children playing in the yards, if it has the amenities you desire, and what the commute to work might be like for you.

Curb Appeal-

First impressions are key for prospective buyers! A property that has been well kept outside is a good indicator of care and regular maintenance inside. Be sure to look at foliage, the condition of the driveway, as well as outdoor fixtures and siding.

Size and the Floor Plan-

While some love the idea of an open concept home, others may find it impractical. Think about how you use space in your current home and determine early on if the size and floor layout of the homes you see on the Edmonton real estate listings will accommodate you long term. After all, you can update the home to your preferences, but changing the room and floor layout can be a costly exercise.

The Bedrooms and Bathrooms-

These rooms need to be functional, a good size for their purpose, and in the amount that you need. An extra bedroom is always a bonus because it can give you the flexibility to use it as a home office or guest room. Also a functional bathroom(s) make morning routines easier.

Closets and Storage

Older homes and newer homes will have different closet and storage layouts.

Many older homes built before the 2000s often have small closets, but plenty of storage space via linen or broom closets, storage rooms, mudrooms, crawlspaces, and cold rooms.

Newer homes tend to have large closets, with a focus on walk-ins – but not always a lot of storage space as described above. These are generalizations, of course it ultimately depends on the year built, builder, location, and floor plan.

Be sure to take note of the storage capabilities of the homes on your short list and cross reference with your own storage needs.

Why Work With an Agent? –

With so many new listings coming and going on the Edmonton real estate market, hiring a professional REALTOR® in Edmonton an easy and cost effective way to buy or sell your home.

Of course, there are many real estate services available that allow you to list and sell your home yourself. However, there are some factors to consider when selling a home before making the decision to go it alone.

Risks of Buying or Listing a Home on Your Own –

Using a FSBO (For Sale By Owner) or seller’s service has limitations. The FSBO method will, of course, omit the professional knowledge and experience that REALTOR® in Edmonton will have. 

Additionally, there are regulations in place to ensure every property is sold according to Canadian real estate laws and that the parties involved are protected, and a REALTOR® will have comfortable knowledge of these intricate regulations.

Many believe this method is cost-effective, but realistically a FSBO may sell for 6-10% less than other properties.

Without the assistance of a Realtor, you risk overpaying or purchasing a property that could have issues down the line. Buyers often overpay for homes when not using the service of a REALTOR®.

Knowing what comparable homes are selling for is my job, and I will ensure that you secure a fair price on a property no matter the area, style or age. I am not a home inspector, but I have attended hundreds of inspections and seen thousands of homes. While you are looking at the layout and finishings of the property, I am examining the features and using my expertise to point out items that may be of concern, or that may help us negotiate the price to cover their repair. I will also ensure that you feel comfortable with all terms (price, possession, etc), and can go over all of the paperwork with you.

Buying and Selling Without an Expert?

Selling a property without a REALTOR® in Edmonton includes the following risk factors:

Longer time to sell your house

Hidden costs of staging, cleaning, and other miscellaneous tasks.

Unqualified buyers wasting your time with no-shows.

Tough negotiation with many different parties – with no one looking after your interests

– Overpaying for the property

Hidden costs of staging, cleaning, and other miscellaneous tasks.

Hidden costs of staging, cleaning, and other miscellaneous tasks.

Work with one of Edmonton’s top REALTORS®

Purchasing or selling a home is one of the biggest things you will ever do in your life, so it’s important to do it right! Let the professionals take care of the heavy lifting by ensuring your home is priced well, presented, and marketed in the best way.

As a professional REALTOR®, Jeneen Marchant knows how to:

Create an effective marketing strategy

  • Price your home to sell versus sitting on the market for a long period of time
  • Have a strategy in place for reductions and/or negotiations
  • Stage your home for maximum showings
  • Maximize REALTOR® exposure
  • Negotiate with your interests in mind
  • Complete all the required paperwork on time
  • Protect your security and privacy 

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