4 Best Neighbourhoods in Edmonton for Kids and Families

As older Millennials start their families and Gen X are well into raising theirs, it’s a natural next step to consider moving to a bigger home.

For many young families, finding the best neighbourhoods in Edmonton that have easy access to amenities like walking trails, community centres, well-maintained parks, and friendly communities are essential!

The thing is, there are so many great neighbourhoods to choose from – it can get overwhelming.

While it is not an exhaustive list, here are a few of my recommendations for the best family-friendly neighbourhoods in Edmonton.


1. Windermere

With low crime rates, a variety of schooling options, and plenty of young families, the southwest Edmonton community of Windermere is highly sought after for its proximity to walking trails, parks, shopping and dining, and new housing developments. 

Windermere primarily features single-family residences and is an ideal, long-term residence for families looking to grow!

2. Terwillegar Towne

Nestled in southwest Edmonton, Terwillegar Towne is a picturesque, family-focused, and uniquely designed community that encourages pedestrian traffic and resident interaction.

Sometimes referred to as a ‘city within a city’, Terwillegar Towne is a marriage of all the amenities of a large town with the charm of a small neighbourhood – complete with low crime rates. 

Full of parks, plenty of schooling options, and a town square – Terwillegar Towne is perfect for a young and growing family. 

3. The Hamptons

Located in west Edmonton, The Hamptons is a newer community renowned for its abundance of well-lit streets, green spaces, and charming ponds. 

With a fair amount of schooling options – including daycares – The Hamptons is ideal for young and growing families. 

Featuring a variety of living options, including apartments, single-family homes, and townhouses – there’s something for everyone in The Hamptons.

4. Edgemont

Located in Edmonton’s west-end, Edgemont is perfect for the outdoorsy young family. It is a newer community that is still growing but I does have a lot to offer already. 

Edgemont boasts several parks, a low crime rate, biking trails, a robust school system with options for Catholic, private, and public learning, and plenty of new developments and townhomes to select from.

Residents of Edgemont enjoy close proximity to the West Edmonton Mall and are only a stone’s throw from the Wedgewood Creek Ravine. 

Additionally, there are plenty of options for indoor exercise and recreation, a golf course, a zoo, and dining options. 

The Bottom Line


While I consider these communities to be among the best neighbourhoods in Edmonton, there are, of course, so many others to select from. These are newer suburb communities that appeal to many families that want something newer. There are also many central or older communities that appeal to people like myself who want a larger yard and mature tree.

Being from Edmonton myself, I have a firm sense of how each community differs and I take each client’s family lifestyle, budget, and desires into account when recommending different neighbourhoods in Edmonton.  Tell me what you are looking for and we will find the perfect community for your family! 

If your family is growing, and you find yourself needing more space, I’m here to help! I’m Jeneen, and as one of Edmonton’s top REALTORS®, I want to work with you to find your dream location while making the transition as smooth as possible.


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