What To Expect When Listing Your Home For The First Time

No matter the condition of the real estate market, listing your home for sale comes with a string of subsequent tasks that can be overwhelming – especially for first-time sellers. 

Let’s dive into what to expect when listing your home for the first time!

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1.Don’t skimp on your REALTOR®

It’s common to consider listing your own home – but it is a genuinely difficult task for those who might not have experience with the intricacies of home sales. From all of the legal aspects of a home sale to scheduling inspections – it can be a lot of information at once! 

That’s where the expertise of a REALTOR® makes all the difference. 

A professional REALTOR® will bring their valuable experience in selling homes, and will have thorough knowledge of the area and types of properties located there. Some agents decide to specialize in one geographical area to maximize the value they can offer to their clients, but a truly experienced agent can help no matter the location. 

When selecting your real estate agent – research is everything. Look up real estate agents in your area and ask for referrals from friends and family. 

Be sure that any prospective agent’s website and social media accounts are professional and informative for prospective buyers. A REALTOR® that cares about their online reputation will undoubtedly care about the customer experience! 

Develop a shortlist and conduct a few interviews before deciding. This helps you decide whether you’ll work well on a personal level with your prospective real estate agents.

A great real estate agent will offer value, be easy to work with, and will care about your needs, and offer excellent customer service.

2.Be sure to price accurately

By using tools like a comparative analysis, analyzing current market conditions, and evaluating the condition of your property, your REALTOR® will work with you to develop an accurate and fair listing price for your home. 

In that same vein, your agent will help field the offers when they start to pour in, so you can select the best offer for your house without leaving money on the table. 

3.Be prepared to deep clean

Keeping your home showing-ready is a huge component of the sale process – inside and outside. This can be a huge drain on your time and energy, so be sure you have the support you need for this process before listing your home. 

Here are some best practices when preparing your property for prospective buyers:

  • Remove all personal items. This may be difficult if you’re still living in the home, but the less a prospective buyer sees things like refrigerator drawings and wedding photos, the more likely they are to envision their own lives in the space. 
  • Purge items you don’t use anymore. The less clutter in the home during showings, the better! Consider how much you’ll use old clothing, tools, and home goods. Donate what you can and Kijiji or Facebook Marketplace to sell items that still hold value. 
  • Repaint where it makes sense. Use neutral colours to refresh bedrooms, living areas, baseboards, and doors. Fixing up those small dings and patches adds more value than you realize.
  • Pay attention to ‘curb appeal.’ Mow the lawn regularly, refresh your garden with mulch and regular weeding, trim any hedges, remove toys or other items, and generally try to ensure your home exterior is in line with your neighbours. 

With all of this in mind – be careful not to overspend on unnecessary repairs and cosmetic renovations. It’s one thing to clean and elevate your home, but you may end up losing money if you undertake costly repairs – especially if you may not have time to finish them. 

With the market the way it is currently, it’s unlikely you’ll need to go above and beyond a thorough clean and home refresh. 

4.Be prepared to move!

It’s never too soon to start packing and arranging moving services. Homes are still selling relatively quickly if they are priced right, and once you’ve listed your home – it’s time to consider the logistics of moving. 

Will you be putting your items in storage? Have you purchased a new home? Are you downsizing to a condo or apartment? You can often store items in one room or the garage of your home in order to get ready for listing/ moving, but it is best to talk to your REALTOR ® about whether this option works for you and your style of home.


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Selling your home can be daunting, whether you’re a first-time seller or not. Be sure to make a running checklist of what you need to do and communicate with your REALTOR® about showings, offers, and any questions you may have – that’s what we’re here for!

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