What Are The First Steps To Selling A House?

Deciding to sell your home is a big step and it’s almost always in conjunction with another major change in your life, be it marriage, divorce, children, a new job, retirement, etc. That, or you may just want a larger space or you’re getting ready to list your first flip project.

Whatever the scenario is, knowing the first steps is key to ensuring that the home selling process is as smooth as possible for both you and your buyers. 

Let’s dig into some of these first steps and what they mean for you as a seller.

selling a house

Find a trusted REALTOR®

Your real estate agent will be your go-to during the selling process. They will go to bat for you and ensure that you get the best price and terms possible! They’ll help stage the property for sale, conduct walkthroughs, showings, and bring their market expertise to the sale. 

With this in mind, it’s important to enlist an experienced REALTOR® that will operate with your best interests in mind during the whole process. Be sure that you are both comfortable with the person you have decided to work with, as well as happy with the marketing strategy they have for your property. 

In this day and age, google makes it so easy to find reviews and feedback. Not only is this information easy to find, but it will also show you how long they’ve been in business, any designations or certifications they’ve earned, as well as how happy their past clients have been with their service. 

Find out the value of your home

Your first priority is determining the value of your home, let’s consider a few contributing factors:

    • You could conduct a pre-listing home inspection. A home inspection will prepare you for any surprise repairs and make your home a more attractive option for prospective buyers. Getting ahead of this step will also leave you well prepared for any buyer questions. 
    • Consult with your REALTOR®. One of your REALTORS® jobs is to stay abreast of market changes and trends. They will be able to give you a range of realistic listing prices. 
    • Take a look at what’s on the market.  The REALTOR.CA website will list the Edmonton homes for sale, which will give you a great touchpoint for your own home. Be sure to look at key factors like location, size, age, and finishings of the home to come to an accurate comparison.

Get organized and begin showings

You can start getting organized at any time, but this step leads right into and prepares you for the showing process. 

Here are a few actionable starting points:

    • Begin a deep clean. Make a list and determine what rooms you’ll organize and declutter first. It’s a good idea to start with guestrooms, crawlspaces, and otherwise lightly used areas. Be sure to sell or donate items you don’t use or want anymore.
    • Make only necessary repairs. Make the repairs as directed by your home inspector (if you decide to do this step), but don’t get carried away with upgrades without consulting with your REALTOR®.  Some touch-ups may be necessary before getting your property on the market, while other items may be something the buyer will want to do (eg- choose new flooring) 
    • Stage your home. When you start showings, it’s a good idea to stage your home. You can hire a staging service or look after the process yourself. Staging creates a neutral (no family photos or personal knick-knacks) and inviting space that your prospective buyer can easily picture themselves in.  Your REALTOR® can also give advice on what items need to be moved or packed away. 
    • Be prepared for many showings. The showing process can be tiring, but worth it. The process involves people viewing your home and showings can occur multiple times a week. Your agent will ask for other viewing REALTORS® to give notice for showings, but it is also important to have your home show ready for any last-minute showings that might happen when you are at work for example. 


Closing steps

Once these critical steps have been successfully completed and your house is sold, you’re left with the final countdown! 

This involves transferring utilities to your new address, forwarding your mail, organizing the proceeds and taxes from your home sale, and enjoying a job well done!


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