The Benefits of investing in Real Estate

There are many benefits to investing in real estate. One of the major benefits includes the ability to generate an income. When you invest in real estate, you decide what you do with your property. 


Although you will need to comply with provincial and municipal guidelines regarding the design and requirements of specific kinds of properties, when you decide to invest in real estate, you acquire greater control over your earning potential, as well as your schedule. 


Passive Income

A significant benefit of investing in real estate for the purpose of renting out the property is that it creates a consistent income that can cover the property’s mortgage and result in long-term financial stability. As a landlord, you can create a strategy which will enable you to obtain the funds to pay off your mortgage, save money for more investment properties, or use the cash flow for daily expenses. Choosing a respectful and reliable tenant to rent your property can help you secure your financial future and provide you with steady pay. 


Tax Deductions

Another benefit of purchasing a revenue property are the multiple expenses which are tax deductions; these can reduce the amount that you are required to pay in taxes. In Canada, you can receive a deduction in property-related expenses that include advertising services, legal and accounting fees, and maintenance-related expenditures. You can also declare property taxes and utility fees in order to obtain a tax reduction. These incentives help property owners save money and invest in their futures, including their retirement.  However, you also have to file any profit as revenue as capital gains also applies. 

To Flip or Not To Flip

Purchasing a property for the purpose of renovating and selling it (aka- “flipping”) can also be a lucrative investment. Not only is there potential to earn thousands of dollars in profit, but because this option does not involve a commitment after the project has been completed and a sale has been made, there is no need to worry about the long-term condition of the property or the responsibilities that go along with it, such as maintenance and prospective tenants. It can also be a way to acquire a larger sum of money more quickly than you would be able to while renting out a property.  But also be aware that you may have to pay capital gains tax on the revenue just like income tax for employment.

Although there are many benefits to investing in real estate, there can also be some disadvantages. Some of these disadvantages include the accumulation of repairs, expenses, unexpected problems with the property, the risk of renting out a property to challenging tenants, and paying capital gains on rental or sales revenue. If you are willing to invest the time, energy and money into creating and sustaining your property, however, there are many rewards that come with investing in real estate. It is important to carefully consider and choose the option that will work best for your budget and schedule.  

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